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About AUDI

Was founded in 1980 by the Arab Towns Organization (ATO), and its headquarters are located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is a regional non-governmental, and non-profit organization. It is specialized in research and training in the fields of urban development and municipal affairs.

Our Vision

A leading institution that contributes to a better global urban future through innovative partnerships and collaborative learning.

Our Mission

Support municipalities and cities in the Arab region in addressing their urban development challenges, by providing credible and impactful policy research products and training programs and by instigating a culture of collaboration and collective learning.

Our Programs

Policy research paves the way forward: Discover our approach to urban development through our evidence-based paractice.


Urban Policy Research

Empowering city leaders and practitioners: Explore our approach in providing essential skills and knowledge that respond to emerging needs of cities.


Training and Capacity Development

Amplifying impact for better urban development. Check out how we are building bridges between cities and stakeholders.



Our Cities

Mudununa newsletter is a bilingual and bi-monthly publication that provides regular communication to our partners from cities, municipalities, development organizations and universities.

Media Center

Access our newsletter, news and audiovisual contents.

The AUDI Community

Coming together to share, learn, innovate and make a difference for Arab cities.

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Abdullah Ibn Hudhafah Assahmi, 1, Diplomatic Quarter, 12521-3803, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia