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The Statement of the President of AUDI

HH, The Mayor of Riyadh

Our Arab cities are experiencing significant economic, social, and urban transformations. They strive to meet the aspirations of their residents by providing services, developing infrastructure, and improving quality of life in cities, to achieve their development goals and meet the expectations of their leadership. Furthermore, our cities have rich assets in the form of culture and heritage, and the means of developing these assets as reliable economic resources for the purpose of establishing prosperity. The diversity of opportunities and challenges presented to city managers offer them a chance to enhance the level of service they offer, and increase their economic competitiveness to attract talent and investment, both from local and international avenues.

In this context, the Arab Urban Development Institute (AUDI) works to support all member cities of the Arab Towns Organization in achieving their urban development goals. This is accomplished through the production of specialized and comprehensive publications on urban development practices in the Arab region, enhancing institutional capacities, and fostering partnerships between cities, universities, and regional and international organizations. The institute acknowledges that the needs and aspirations of cities vary depending on their present situation, and that this demands greater effort from Arab cities when it comes to addressing challenges in the face of limited resources and tools.

In light of this, a new strategic approach for AUDI was necessitated, one that transforms its role, aligns its focus areas, and positions it as a responsive and supportive organization for Arab cities. This transformation is informed by AUDI’s new leadership, regional and international experts, and the results of exhaustive surveys conducted across Arab cities and their respective municipalities on urban development challenges, opportunities, and municipal needs. In addition to the AUDI Strategy 2025, efforts have also been made to revitalize AUDI’s identity and fast track activities, the impact of which will become apparent during the course of this year and beyond.

Hence, I invite all our partners, including member cities and municipalities, international organizations, universities, and stakeholders, to communicate, engage, and participate in the institute’s programs and activities. We pray that the coming years will be times of goodness, prosperity, and abundance in all our Arab cities, and that AUDI and its partners will make their mark through a positive impact on the field of urban development.

My sincere greetings and appreciation,
The President of AUDI, the Mayor of Riyadh Region Municipality
Prince Dr.Faisal bin Abdul Aziz bin Ayyaf