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15 minute read December 2023

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Embarking on the AUDI Roadshow

AUDI’s Roadshow is a pivotal endeavor in forging connections with key stakeholders in the realm of urban development, spanning diverse sectors within the Arab region. This initiative emerges as a cornerstone of the AUDI Strategy 2025. The tour is designed to accomplish multiple objectives, including acquainting the wider audience with AUDI and its new strategic outlook, providing insight as to the urban development landscape in the Arab cities, grasping the core challenges confronted by decision-makers in Arab cities, and establishing robust relationships with other actors present in the field of urban development.

As we embark on this Roadshow, we diligently pursue these objectives . Our tour is designed to visit a multitude of representatives from the local governance and urban development sector. This includes ministries, municipalities, development and planning authorities, public management institutes, professional institutions specializing in urban planning, universities, and research centers..

During these tours, the AUDI team deliberately presented its strategy and the specialized technical programs in the fields of urban research, development and municipal work, in addition to discussing aspects of cooperation between the AUDI and the counterparts.

Exploring the phases of AUDI’s Roadshow:


Visits within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

Jeddah Visit

During May 21-22, 2023, AUDI visited Jeddah, including the Jeddah Municipality, the Jeddah Development Authority, and King Abdulaziz University.

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Mecca Visit

On May 23, 2023, AUDI visited the Holy City of Mecca, including a visit to the Municipality of Mecca.

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Madina Visit

On May 29, 2023 - AUDI visited Medina, including a visit to the city’s municipality.

Aseer Visit

During June 3-5, 2023, AUDI visited the city of Aseer, including visits to the Asir Development Authority, the Asir Municipality, and King Khalid University

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Dammam Visit

On June 20, 2023 AUDI visited the city of Dammam, including a visit to the Dammam Municipality and the Eastern Region Development Authority.

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Regional Visits to Capitals and Major Arab Cities:

Muscat Visit

During September 4-6, 2023, AUDI visited the Omani capital, Muscat. The visit included the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning, the Muscat Municipality, the Royal Academy of Management, and the German University in Oman.

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Manama Visit

During September 9-11, 2023, AUDI visited the Kingdom of Bahrain, specifically the capital, Manama. This included a visit to the Urban Planning Authority of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning, the Municipality of the Capital, the Institute of Public Administration, and the College of Engineering at the University of Bahrain.

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Kuwait City Visit

During September 9-11, 2023, AUDI visited the Kingdom of Bahrain, specifically the capital, Manama. This included a visit to the Urban Planning Authority of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning, the Municipality of the Capital, the Institute of Public Administration, and the College of Engineering at the University of Bahrain.

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Amman Visit

During October 8-11, 2023, AUDI visited Amman, capital of Jordan. The visit included the Ministry of Local Administration, the Greater Amman Municipality, the Institute of Public Administration, the German Jordanian University, and the Jordan office of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat).

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Doha Visit

During October 22-23, 2023, AUDI visited Doha, capital of Qatar. The visit included the Ministry of Municipality, Doha Municipality, and Qatar Foundation.

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Other Events: Partnership

In February 2023, a significant milestone was achieved as the Arab Urban Development Institute (AUDI) and the Project Management Institute (PMI) came together to formalize their collaboration through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This strategic partnership was established with the shared objective of harnessing their collective expertise and resources to mutually advance their goals. One of the most important aspects of this cooperation is the joint commitment to enhancing the capabilities and proficiency in the management of municipal projects within the dynamic landscape of Saudi and Arab cities.

The Arab Urban Development Institute has achieved official accreditation as an Authorized Training Partner by the PMI. This makes AUDI the sole institution in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offering training in project management programs specific to the built environment. This distinguished status allows the Institute to extend its training services to individuals seeking to engage with PMI's programs . Visit our training programs, click here.

The Project Management Institute (PMI), headquartered in the United States, stands as a distinguished global authority in the field of project management. It is dedicated to offering a comprehensive suite of project management services, including the development of standards, research, education, publication, networking-opportunities in local chapters, hosting conferences and training seminars, and providing accreditation in project management. With a vast and diverse membership exceeding half a million certified project managers spanning across 185 countries worldwide, PMI's impact is truly far-reaching.

King Saud University Agreement

To embrace the fundamental values of effective collaboration and recognize the paramount significance of advancing the municipal and urban sector within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a notable agreement has been officiated between AUDI and King Saud University.

On March 1, 2023, His Highness, the Mayor of Riyadh, and the President of the Arab Urban Development Institute (AUDI), Prince Faisal bin Abdulaziz bin Ayyaf, joined hands with His Excellency, the President of King Saud University (KSA), Dr. Badran bin Abdulrahman Al-Omar, in sponsoring the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

This significant document encompasses a spectrum of collaborative initiatives, including:

  • Implementing specialized programs in municipal development.
  • Providing studies and research in the urban, economic, social and environmental fields within the scope of Saudi and Arab cities and municipalities
  • Organizing national and regional events
  • Collaborative training for university graduates and postgraduate researchers

This memorandum establishes a solid framework for a strategic partnership between the university and the institute, piloting their shared interests. Following this pivotal agreement, a diverse array of projects, initiatives, and programs dedicated to the advancement of urban development will be set in motion

In this context, His Highness the President of the Institute, Prince Faisal bin Ayyaf, praised the importance of these agreements, emphasizing their vital role in fostering the growth of municipal initiatives, enhancing institutional capabilities, and facilitating the exchange of knowledge between AUDI, universities and cities. It's worth noting that the institute boasts a membership comprising over 650 Arab municipalities and cities, all which stand to gain great benefit from this partnership.


AUDI’s participation in Oman Urban October in Muscat

As part of the Omani contribution to the global campaign of UN-Habitat in promoting Urban October, The Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning organized the Urban October Week themed by “Urban Economic Resilience”, as part of it, the First Gulf Housing conference (29 - 31 October 2023) commenced as a key event. The event brought together urban planners, municipalities and policymakers, housing corporations, industry experts, and professionals from the GCC Region and beyond.

By acknowledging our presence in the Arab Region, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning of Oman invited us to participate in one of the key panels about ‘Lively Urban Development’ along with notable presenters such as Jan Gehl (Gehl Architects) and Hrvoje Cindric (Buro Happold); Dr Jihad - Program Director of Urban Policy Research - of AUDI, presented a paper entitled “Urban Development in Arab Cities: Challenges, Priorities and Capacity of Actions” this delves into urban development trends and issues in Arab cities and the ability of stakeholders to address them. Drawing from a comprehensive review of both existing literature and a survey conducted by AUDI involving 90 municipal representatives from Arab cities and 130 urban experts. Ultimately, the article emphasizes the significance of networking and knowledge sharing in bridging the gap among these stakeholders, thereby empowering Arab cities to confront their challenges more effectively. The presentations followed by panel discussion to further address key concepts of livability of urban development in the Arab region.

Coupled with our participation in presenting a paper, AUDI team actively engaged with various participants to introduce our scope of work, wide range of initiatives and possible collaboration channels.

Link to paper: https://www.urbanoct.com/speaker/57

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